Our experiences with Pabian and Russell has been professional, responsive, and notable in meeting our life planning needs and experiences.


Great at what they do and very personable. Feels like a team!


The firm was easy to deal with.


Extremely professional approach.

—Edward and Bernadette

They do good work at a fair price!


Completely client-focused.

Extremely knowledgeable, able to field any questions asked and respond with clear, well-explained answers, and top-notch attention to detail. —Adam

They are extremely knowledgeable and could not be more helpful.

The team was so great during such a difficult time for our family. —Laura

Pabian & Russell is an incredibly professional company to work with.

Estate planning is never something you want to think about and Jay Pabian helped through every step of the process. —Avi

Very organized and experienced!


They treat you with respect and are very detailed in planning.

Jay always makes sure we understand what is being covered. —Anonymous

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