Steve Cohen and his team performed exemplary work.

My family and I had been struggling with two issues regarding our mother for over four years. We were having trouble getting her on Mass Health and had been getting the run around from the State. Our mother had run up very large nursing home bills which the home was pressuring us to pay. To complicate matters my mother was the beneficiary of a trust established by her husband and the trustees were not willing to use the funds to help my mother. Steve and his team cut through MassHealth’s red tape, filed an appeal, getting mother’s MassHealth application approved and the nursing home bill paid. Steve even negotiated to have most of our attorney fees paid by the trust. My family and I are very grateful to Steve and his team. A huge burden has been removed from our family. —A. W.

They cared about me too!

I would recommend Pabian & Russell and Jessica Demmerly not only because of their excellence in knowledge for my somewhat complicated needs but their ability to clearly and thoroughly answer my questions. —Jill

We had a particular issue concerning our trust.

We were given further suggestions so that we finished up with a better product. —Anonymous

They are extremely thorough and pay close attention to detail.


Our experiences with Pabian and Russell has been professional, responsive, and notable in meeting our life planning needs and experiences.


Great at what they do and very personable. Feels like a team!


The firm was easy to deal with.


Extremely professional approach.

—Edward and Bernadette

They do good work at a fair price!


Completely client-focused.

Extremely knowledgeable, able to field any questions asked and respond with clear, well-explained answers, and top-notch attention to detail. —Adam

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