In our June 2020 blog reviewing emergency preparedness for COVID-19 and beyond, we introduced a new offering, a “Virtual Consultation” with a member of our skilled staff.  This consultation model was intended to enable us to use our skills and expertise to support elders and their families in specific challenges they face, especially regarding impacts of COVID-19, for which our usual thorough assessment and recommendations may not be available.

In the ensuing months, we have supported many elders and their families and/or caregivers in navigating the elder care world during the COVID-19 pandemic including but not limited to creating safe home care plans, navigating in-person and telehealth appointments, and transitions to and from assisted living and skilled nursing environments.  As we reviewed the issues and concerns being addressed, we realized they were not exclusively related to COVID-19, and that our skills and expertise could be used in solution-focused interventions in addition to our more comprehensive care management option.

We are pleased to begin offering solution-focused Caregiver Coaching on an hourly basis to address specific concerns in caregiving.  We define a caregiver as not only someone who is in the home providing support and care, but also people who may live across the country or world, but spend their days care managing, thinking about, and/or worrying about their loved one.   In the decades of our practice, we have assisted many distanced caregivers in managing their elder loved ones’ care, whether the distance is geographic or a result of busy work and family life.  Our experience as care managers in the many iterations of care, disease processes, family systems, and medical care among other areas lends well to the ability to provide information, education, guidance, and resources in a consultation format as well as in our full assessment and recommendations process.

Our staff looks forward to offering our expertise and knowledge in hopes of reaching caregivers in a new way and introducing care management as a partnership with a professional in management of the care of an elder loved one.

If you are interested in learning more, please give us a call at 617-928-0200, check out our website, or our Facebook page!