Business Law & Commercial Real Estate

Pabian & Russell’s depth and breadth of business and tax knowledge, exceptional service, and competitive pricing have made it one of the fastest growing Boston firms specializing in business law with a specialty in succession planning for closely held and family-owned companies. We have earned our reputation as a highly responsive business partner, and our skilled attorneys represent a wide range of business entities including professional practices (doctors, dentists, accountants), manufacturers, distributors, energy companies, high technology companies, franchises, non-profit organizations, and entrepreneurs.

Many of Pabian & Russell’s attorneys started their careers as Certified Public Accountants with extensive business, finance, and tax law expertise. In addition, a number of the firm’s corporate attorneys have master’s degrees in taxation or business administration, while others have worked at Fortune 500 companies and large law firms or come from families of business owners. Our corporate partners have represented businesses for over 30 years, understand business from a financial, tax, and legal perspective, and are committed to working hard to ensure and protect your business’ success.

Pabian & Russell has a highly developed succession planning practice that integrates our business services with sophisticated estate planning techniques to provide comprehensive planning for both the business and the business owner. We work with our clients’ accounting and wealth advisors to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for the owners’ eventual transition out of the business whether through a third party or internal transfer while maximizing returns and minimizing taxes and risk.

I grew up in a family business, a franchise business. What I really have learned through this experience is how businesses really operate behind the scenes. I have been able to apply my experiences to my practice to provide very practical and strategic advice that helps business owners save taxes, take money from their company to use and add to their personal wealth and create a business succession plan for their business.

Jay Pabian Managing Partner
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