Trade Secrets

Pabian & Russell provides thorough and thoughtful guidance on the best steps for protecting your company’s proprietary knowledge and innovations. Our skilled corporate attorneys help clients protect all types of valuable trade secrets. Our services include:

  • Written agreements with customers, employees and other business partners
  • Advising clients on appropriate use of proprietary notices and labels
  • Developing trade secret protection policies and programs
  • Developing confidentiality, license and non-competition agreements
  • Technology licensing and protection

What are Trade Secrets?

Trade secrets include business ideas and strategies, product and service concepts, proprietary knowledge, and early-stage innovations that give businesses a competitive advantage. In today’s highly competitive market, every business needs to take proper precautions to protect the ideas and innovations that are the foundation of that business.

Trade Secret Protection Policies & Programs

It is important that every business protect its important trade secrets from the risk of accidental exposure or theft. Effective trade secret policies and protection programs include written confidentiality agreements with employees and board members, contractors and consultants, distributors and other strategic business partners. Pabian & Russell also advises clients on the appropriate use of proprietary notices and labels, and helps clients draft protective license and non-compete agreements.

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